4910 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Suite 16
Washington, DC 20016

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What our Interns are saying about US

“My internship at VIKA Capitol was a great experience that gave me the opportunity to apply prior knowledge to new and different projects than I had experience working on, which made me a better learner and thinker and diversified my CAD work. The opportunity to work closely with engineers and my intern peer was a primary benefit to the work I helped with. The patience, attention, and insight everyone in the office brought made that one of the most productive and enriching company cultures I’ve seen. VIKA Capitol’s emphasis and commitment on technical and academic excellence in its interns is also the greatest I’ve experienced. The understanding that both academic achievement and practical engineering work experience are valuable is something that makes VIKA Capitol stand out. I felt supported when school got busy and heavy, without the pressure of feeling bad for not showing up. Which is even better because I wanted to be there as much as I possibly could. Working there was a highlight of the end of my college years.”

Brandon A. (Intern Fall 2022 – Summer 2023)

“From the first day I was welcomed into the office I could feel the family aspect of the company. The entire staff has an abundance of knowledge about so many different aspects of the business and managing the vast projects VIKA is assigned. I personally appreciate the ability to learn and try new things each day I come in. I can work on AutoCAD and hone my skills being instructed by the specialist that they have as well as learn about the process of working with the DOEE, DDOT, and DC Water agencies. Something I will always carry away from my time here is the constant challenges that I am given and tasks that I feel apart of, not being someone that is just instructed and watched but given tasks that I have the freedom to ask for help and not be afraid that I need to know everything from the beginning.”

Anthony T. (Intern Fall 2022 – Fall 2023)