The Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) is a campus-like development located at 1801 Mississippi Avenue in SE, DC. This third phase of THEARC development includes a 3-story, 92,000-SF educational building for a children’s day school and a commercial teaching / training kitchen. The proposed surface parking lot will include 2 new access curb cuts, a basketball court, playground(s), and other miscellaneous site amenities.

VIKA Capitol provided civil engineering services for this project, which sits on National Park Service land. Oxon Run is south of the proposed site, and a wetland runs along the southern border.


  • Site plans and wet utility plans
  • DC Water easements
  • Storm water management plans, demo plans, erosion and sediment control plans
  • NPDES permit / NOI / SWPPP permit application
  • NOI and stormwater pollution prevention plan preparation for owner submission
  • PDRM and public space coordination
  • Permanent public and private space traffic control pavement marking and signage plans
  • Multiphase traffic control plans
  • Public space exhibits, paving plans, public space DDOT spec landscaping plans, and streetscape plans