This project included a master plan and final engineering for campus improvements for the facility located at 2607 Military Road in NW, DC.

VIKA Capitol provided preliminary and final civil engineering services related to the campus master plan. The master plan scope is to be funded and built in a strategic sequence of phases.

Phase 1: Build a classroom addition. This included a new academic wing and covered walk and involved re-grading and reconfiguring the existing courtyard, sidewalks and exterior patio. Scope included design and construction of both bio-retention facilities and green roofs. (This site was under construction as of early 2016.)

Phase 2: Renovate and expand the Gallagher Gymnasium/Roth Gym complex. Outdoor on-roof tennis courts will make the most of the building’s precious footprint. The scope includes BZA submission and final engineering design for improvements, including proposed bio-retention facilities and green roofs.

Remaining phases within master plan scope:

Phase 3: Replace or enhance existing outdoor fields to better accommodate the wide variety of outdoor sports for practice and competition.

Phase 4: Create a new ballpark for baseball to be built above a new parking structure on the current site of the multi-use turf field.

Phase 5: Develop a reinvented multi-sport stadium made possible by the relocation of the baseball field. The renovated stadium will be ideally suited for football, soccer, lacrosse, and track and field.

Phase 6: Create a central campus green to replace the parking whose conversion is made possible by the integration of structured parking below the baseball stadium.