DC Water Sites is a 7.6-acre mixed-use development with a 2500-seat movie theatre located at the intersection of N Place, SE, and First St SE, and bounded by Diamond Teague Park and DC Water’s Main and O Street pumping station.

VIKA Capitol provided the Planned Unit Development (PUD) site plan (first stage, consolidated PUD and related map amendment).

Services included:

  • Preparation of consolidated and preliminary PUD plans
  • Site plans
  • Stormwater management planning and design (to include LID tree pits)
  • Layout of new street grid
  • Preliminary sediment and erosion control design
  • Preliminary water, sewer, and storm drain design for new roadways
  • Coordination with various District of Columbia agencies, that included:
    • Department of Transportation (DDOT)
    • Office of Planning (OP)
    • Department of the Environment (DDOE),
    • DC Water and Sewer Authority (DCWATER)