The Passing of the Gavel – DCALS Inauguration



On September 20, 2017, the District of Columbia Association of Land Surveyors (DCALS) hosted its 16th Anniversary Inauguration Banquet. VIKA Capitol, LLC staff members were inducted into the 2018 Board of Directors. Past President, John Long, LS (left) passed the gavel to President, Matthew Hull, LS (center). Anika Quinn, LS (right) was installed as a Director at Large.










Past President, John Long, LS (right) passes the gavel to 2018 President, Matthew Hull, LS (left)


Past President, John Long, LS (center) and Past President, Don Falken (right),  passing the gavel to 2018 President Matthew Hull, LS  (left)


President, Matthew Hull, LS (center) posing with Director at Large, Anika Quinn, LS (left) and Senior Division Survey Manager at VIKA Virginia, LLC, J. Thomas Harding, LS (right)