Certificate of Occupancy Application & Issuance Process Change

DCRA is updating the application form and written guidance for applicants seeking a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) to align with DCRA’s internal review and approval. DCRA is finalizing and updating all documents on September 6, 2016.   Also effective September 6, 2016, DCRA will no longer issue Conditional Certificates of Occupancy (CCO) for... Read More

DC Council Enacts Special Tree Legislation

On May 4, 2016, the DC Council enacted new legislation regarding special trees. The Council changed the fees for special tree removal and also reconsidered what constitutes a special tree, resulting in the following legislative changes: The bill added a new category of tree: heritage tree. A heritage tree is one with a circumference of... Read More

Original Washington DC Boundary Stone Replacement

The DC boundary stones are the oldest federal monuments. The very first one was set at Jones Point on April 15, 1791. Several boundary stones have since been moved or are severely damaged. Thirty-six stones from the 1790s and one substitute stone are in or near their original locations, including all fourteen in the land... Read More

Residential Units Cropping Up on Connecticut Avenue

There’s a development boom in the area around Connecticut Avenue, bringing much needed residential units and renewed vitality to a region still struggling with a housing shortage. VIKA Capitol has been on the forefront, taking part in the following developments near one of DC’s major arteries: Fifty Three Thirty Three — 5333 Connecticut Avenue, NW... Read More