Our clients look for two critical factors when assembling a professional design team:

  • Responsiveness to their requirements
  • Willingness to question the status quo by exploring innovative designs and challenging review authorities

At VIKA Capitol, we differentiate from other consultants by delivering on and exceeding these expectations. Our 10 core values guide our practice so we can delight our clients with dynamic projects that are completed on time and on budget.



Woven into everything we do, integrity is essential to every one of our interactions with clients, employees, and jurisdictional agencies.


Never satisfied with “good enough,” we excel on every project by delivering the highest quality in our services, designs, and relationships.


Collaborative teamwork is the hallmark of every VIKA Capitol project and the key to successful outcomes. It’s what makes a team work, a company deliver, a project excel, and a client prosper.


We’re proud to be known for our agile and effective responses to our clients’ unique project requirements.


We never stop delivering the highest level of quality and services to all our clients and stakeholders. It’s who we are.


We’re always improving our knowledge of our practice, including new codes and technologies, to keep our innovative edge and benefit our clients.


Our continually growing experience and expertise ensure our clients get top-notch products and service.


As part of our collaborative approach, we support the professional and personal growth of our employees and the enrichment of our clients and their projects.


We recognize that people do business with people and that strong relationships are the foundation of successful projects and clients. We value our relationships with employees, clients, agencies and elected officials as demonstrated by our commitment to the community through pro bono and at-cost services for organizations including Urban Food Studio and Habitat for Humanity.


We continually strive to enhance and preserve our environment through the sustainability of our designs and economical use of limited resources.